Edita A. Petrick
Edita A. Petrick
Edita A. Petrick

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Bree-Anne Carver wants to expose a serial killer.
The facts are there. The body of the latest victim is floating
in the swollen river…and Bree-Anne walks right into her own trap.


She used to be a world-class assassin but today she’s a real estate secretary. He was a top executive in one of America’s nastiest corporations and today he’s a shoe salesman. They’re next door neighbors. And yesterday is about to catch up to them…not too gently either.

Is WitSec Program compromised? Gina certainly thinks so when the house next door blows up while its tenant is standing in her kitchen, helping her move the fridge. Two years living as a secretary in Idaho numbed a lot—but not her reflexes. Her first thought is to make it to her car and leave Idaho far behind. Unfortunately it happens to be her visitor’s first thought too. Ten minutes later, having outmaneuvered her pursuers, her passenger tells her that he is the target and the reason why two black sedans tried to run them off the road. And while that’s a possibility, Gina thinks that a ‘disappeared’ FBI agent who spent years undercover in corporate world is a lot less attractive target than someone who had testified against the largest and the nastiest cartels on the East Coast.

Book 7 of the Peacetaker Series

A parish priest is found murdered in a small community church in Wyoming, a victim of a cleverly-staged home invasion. The event, while disturbing, is not sensational enough to last in local newspapers longer than a day. A few hours later, further upstate on a shabby dude ranch that’s in financial trouble, a guest is found dead in his cabin. The ranch owners take everything the guest had that could be of value, before calling the sheriff. When the death is ruled to be natural causes, and no one steps forward to claim the body, the case all but fades into obscurity.

Two years later, the FBI is frantically searching for Carter and Stella, because the bizarre and tabloid-worthy events that had been happening these past two years, have reached a boiling point. Rivers changing course and campsites relocating clear across the lake could be explained through climate shift and vandalism. A war veteran who lost his leg in the service of his country and then woke up one morning with both legs healthy and functioning as these have not in a long time, can be attributed to questionable experimental procedures.  A woman inheriting a fortune from a phantom relative could be just a great scam—or a hoax. But when several distinguished experts examine a medieval manuscript that has been re-written in modern-techno language, as authentic, the world and its media begin to take notice. And when someone in the National Archives wonders abstractedly what would happen if one day Washington woke up to find the Declaration of Independence re-written in a similar manner, things start hopping and all the security agencies in the country go on high-alert.

It’s this last event that brings the FBI Special Agent Saunders to England, to come sit down in a roadside diner across the table from his friend Carter, and insist that he and Stella cut their vacation short because the world is on the brink of global catastrophe. What is happening is simply…not of this  world.


The Children of Abydos

The camera shows that the gas station clerk has been shot three times point blank and lived…to disappear, along with all blood spatter. The camera’s an old model, not digital. The image hasn’t been photo-shopped so evidence doesn’t lie…or does it?