Edita A. Petrick
Edita A. Petrick
Edita A. Petrick

The Path of Silence – Box Set Anthology

The Path of Silence

She has no past, a fake name, a runaway daughter and…a dead body on the hood of her car. And she’s a good cop.

When Meg Stanton walks out of a convenience store to find a dead man sprawled across the hood of her car, she thinks he’s been shot. It’s the worst assumption she’s ever made in her ten-year career as a cop. Forty-eight hours later, a hotel waiter drops dead while serving the CEO of the third largest national bank. Meg suspects that the victims are links in some kind of scheme…but she has no idea that she is its key element.

Shadow Informant

A serial killer who leaves a roadmap on his victims should be easy to track down…

When Carly is roused in the middle of the night to come to work she knows she’ll be heading for a murder scene. After all, she’s a homicide detective, it’s her job, and she’s prepared for everything. Until she arrives in a suburban commuter parking lot where a young lawyer is lying on the ground, a hole in his chest, his organs vaporized, and a topographic map of a metropolitan grid tattooed on his face. A week later victim number two—same first name, same fist-sized hole in his chest, his organs vaporized and wearing another topographic map on his face—points to something more sinister that could lead to a nearby army facility.

The Coffin Trader

When a bellhop at a New York hotel is found murdered in a young teacher’s tiny office at a backwoods Connecticut college, she can’t offer the police any connection between her and the dead man. A week later, she finds a canvas bag in the staff room fridge. Inside it are two scraps of brittle paper and a gold bar stamped with an eagle and swastika cross – Hitler’s logo. If the crest is real, then the ownership of the gold bar is a crime. She decides to see a friend at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, who can help determine whether the bar is authentic. Much to her surprise he focuses on the scraps of paper and then warns her that secrets tattooed into patches of human skin, far more than the gold bar, are deadly—considering who had opted to hide his secrets in such manner. Forty-eight hours later, her friend is dead and the only man she can turn to for help is the one who betrayed her ten years ago.